Thursday, 3 March 2011

A very touching day

Have experienced some very touching days. We went Thursday morning to "Friends of Allamanos"  - a school for mentally challenged. The school is run by Sister Jane and houses around 80 children with various disabilities. The children were thrilled to see us, to play with us and to view the photos we took. Haruta had brought a polaroid camera so we could give them the photos right away. That was a great idea.

We were amazed to see how caring the children were with each other. They helped feed the ones that couldn't themselves - pushed the wheelchairs of those who couldn't walk and held the hands of those who needed a hug. It was very touching. The school was so full of love and care and all of us made special friends during our stay. Francesco donated a PC and Luan a camera to the school and everyone had brought pens, paper, sweets and lots of other things. So we definitely put our foot prints at the school and they left a mark in our hearts.

Francesco donates a PC to Sister Jane

African hairdo for a Mzungo
In the afternoon we visited an orphanage in Mweiga. Kiene West Children's Home
It is privately run, houses 40 children and is only supported by donations. I though that I had been touched in the morning but this place broke my heart. We met the sweetest children, so thrilled to met us and eager to talk with us. We had brought a lot of stuff for them - especially Bianica had a whole suitcase full of clothes, bedsheets, toys, pens, paper and shoes to donate. We played for hours with the children and all found our own favorites. They enjoyed having their pictures taken and were laughing away when they saw themselves on the camera. I was lucky to get my hair done by a group of young girls.
 We decided to collect money amongst us and donated it. It will most probably be used for school fees for the children.
Mary next to her bed

So now we are back at our comfortable hotel and the children are still in the orphanage which has no real kitchen, no dining room, no electricity nor a place to keep any private things - but they do have someone to look after them and someone who fights to get money for their school fees. So even though my heart is hurting for them - they are more lucky than the large amount of children living on the streets of cities around the world.

I hope that our visit gave them a nice memory and made them feel that there are many of us caring for them. Wish I could take all of them back home to Denmark and give them the same childhood as I am able to give my sons.