Monday, 7 March 2011

Another Angel - Madam Esther

Madam Esther and "her youngest child"
Beautiful school children
This afternoon I meet with Madam Esther. She is another Angel of Kenya. She looks after 23! orphans in her home close to Nyeri. I met her while we were doing our interviews for our project on the streets of Nyeri. She told me about her home for the orphans and asked me to come and visit. This was Thursday in our first week. Ever since she has been calling me wanting to know when I would visit. So I finally decided to go together with Reka, my team mate from Hungary. We thought we were only visiting her, but she also took us to the nearby school were "her children" goes. This is an ordinary school and once more we experienced children absolutely excited about our visit. They performed songs and poems for us and we told them about our countries.

At Esther's home we met some of "her children". The newest arrival was a young girl and her 3 months old daughter. Esther had found the mother on the street, pregnant and all alone!

My heart cannot bear anymore orphanages and neither can my wallet. But I will pray for all the children of Kenya and the angels who look after them