Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lake Nakuru - big five completed

Ugly storck in a beautiful setting
This weekend we went to Lake Nakuru to see the rhino in order to complete the BIG FIVE. We succeeded and also managed to see a hippo, a lot of pelicans, flamingos and the ugly Kenyan stork.
The number of animals in Lake Nakuru park is not as big as in Samburu so everyone was a little disappointed by the amount of hours we drove around in the park without seeing any animals. Just before leaving the park we managed to find a group of lions taking their afternoon nap in one big pile in the shade of a tree.

On our way back to Nyeri on Sunday we drove by the Rift Valley, the Thomson falls and at least 5 equator signs. We haven't quite figured out how the more or less straight road from Nakuru to Nyeri crosses equator 5 times. Maybe someone just put up the sign to do some business?

Hippo and Pelicans

Lions taking an afternoon nap