Thursday, 10 March 2011

Midterm review and Java House

Yesterday we had our midterm review with the customer - Postal Corporation of Kenya and it went really well. We made an hour long presentation on our analysis of the current state and our conclusions for future needs and opportunities.  Our client could not contain the excitement! They want us to make the final presentation for the Permanent Secretary and the PCK board to make sure that the message reaches the right people. The management team of PCK, whom we work with, are all willing to make changes in order to turn PCK into a success but they need support from the top management and hopefully we can help them with this.

A visit to Nairobi includes 3 hours of driving torture  - each way - but also a wonderful visit to Java House which is the dream of any tourist. They serve milkshake, real coffee, garlic bread, burgers - anything you will die for after having had Kenyan food for weeks.
Happy mzungos at Java House