Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The land of diversity

I have been in Kenya for almost 2 weeks now and have done some observations.
Even though Kenya produces a lot of coffee it is difficult to get a decent cup here. They export it all and get it back in Nescafé cans. Tea is always taken with milk and sugar the Indian way.
Spinach is a big thing down here - we get it two times a day.
All taxi drivers believe in reincarnation, which makes a 3 hour drive from Nyeri to Nairobi a scaring experience.

I am surprised by the large number of women in managing positions in the companies we have visited.
And more surprised by the many different hairdo's I have seen. The women here must spend hours and a lot of money on their hair.
Another thing: some companies don't have toilet tissue paper in the restroom and at the same time they are working on introducing biometric scanners in the office - something is out of sync!
Country wise you will find savanna, mountains, farming country, rain forest and big cities.
People wise you will find native people living in huts with no electricity nor running water but with a mobilephone carried underneath the kanga, with which they can make mobile payments.
It all sums up to a lot of diversity and contradictions. But Kenya is great and the Kenyans are some of the most friendly people I have ever met.