Sunday, 20 March 2011

Tears and goodbuys

Today was the final team day. We spent the day finishing our last shopping at the YaYa market and the Masai market. The crying started at debriefing with Muriuki and Alex and kept on during our last dinner together at Fair Views. Tomorrow everybody will take of in different directions. It is sad to realize that this might be the last time this team is gathered. It has been a wonderful experience. Professionally, to learn that my skills can be used in other contexts and personally as I have learned so much about Kenya but also about the 8 other countries of my team mates.
I learned 
- that there is No rush in Kenya
- that pole pole means easy easy
- that Jews cannot travel or use anything electronic from Friday sunset until Saturday sunset
- that t is possible to have been born in Indian, lived in Congo and now be settled in Canada
- that it is possible to be Chinese, born in the Netherlands and live in Switzerland
- to dance the Bollywood way
- or tried to learn the African shoulder and hip dance
- That meeting new friends is wonderful and saying goodbuy is horrible