Sunday, 6 March 2011


Kazkazi Beach Hotel, Diani beach
Pappa Papetti, Mama Eva and our 4 adopted asian children: Luan, Anna, Nimesh & Haruta all went to Mombasa for the weekend.

We have been very busy working during the week and really needed a relaxing weekend at the sea. Stayed in a 4 star hotel - both good and bad. The god part was the fee bar, the surroundings and the very friendly staff. Bad thing was all the German and Russian guests incl the German food, the worn out rooms and the rocky beach.

The snorkeling team

We hired a boat on the beach and went snorkeling for 2 hours, did a lot a shopping on the beach, relaxed, slept, went for water aerobics and stretching.

Saturday night we went with the hotel staff to the hottest place in Diani bech - the 40 thieves nightclub - a great place on the beach packed with people - most of them younger than us  - but we didn't mind. We did our best to try and do the hip moves of the African girls and never really succeeded but we had a great night.

Children in Mombassa

 Sunday we went on a walking tour in Mombasa town. Mombasa is very different from Nairobi and Nyeri due to the fact that the population is muslim.

 Look at this cute couple.