Friday, 4 March 2011

Kimathi University College of Technology

Dave is showing the 100x100 video
Friday we had one more community day. This was a visit to Kimathi University College of Technology. A perfect place for IBM'ers to visit. My teammates had prepared a presentation on IBM; including the  100x100 Centennial video and of course Smarter Planet. After wards there were breakout sessions. One where Francesco showed  how to build a smart interactive whiteboard with a Wii remote. Another one was a Career Workshop and the last one was on more technical stuff - especially about IBM's new supercomputer Watson who wan over human champs in jeopardy
This Community Day was very rewarding and also touching. The students want to do so much, but they don't fully believe in themselves nor their country. Hope we made them realize that they are the ones who can make a change.